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At DAVOSA Swiss, we build watches for people who are fascinated by them. With a great deal of expertise and just as much enthusiasm. This is our philosophy upon which watch lovers all around the world can justifiably rely.Type your paragraph here.

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*The “workhorse” range being the exception, which carry a 5 Year Guarantee!

A slice of eternity

We have a large and exclusive range of Royal London watches. These are powered by the excellent and reliable Citizen Miyota movement (including the Automatics) and Swiss Ronda movement on some of our models. The case material is Stainless Steel for durability. All watches have a minimum of 30 metres water resistance, while many of the collection are 50 to 100 meter and beyond. Each watch carries a 2 Year Guarantee*

While our sports models take centre stage, a constant stream of beautiful new designs in the Classic, Fashion and Dress categories ensure that Royal London watches are right on time for every occasion.
With over 2500 retail partners and distributors located around the world, from India and Mongolia to Israel and Australia, Royal London is evolving into a truly global brand, with a style to suit all seasons and designs to inspire every possible taste.

Seiko's commitment to making the world's finest timepieces began over a century ago in a tiny Tokyo clock shop. From the time Seiko opened the first clock factory in 1892, our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has grown into an enduring legacy.

Today, that same passion for excellence remains apparent in every Seiko clock. Seiko is internationally recognised for precision timekeeping and innovation. The Seiko name on a clock dial guarantees meticulous craftsmanship and inspired styling. This distinctive heritage, coupled with affordable pricing, makes Seiko clocks an unmistakable value.

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AEVIG is an ancient Norse word meaning eternal.

Norse eventually developed into the different modern Scandinavian languages.

Founded in 2013 AEVIG seeks to capture time in a series of watches with clear distinct style,
a retro design that feels right and will become friends to accompany you in the adventure of  life.
The company is based in the Netherlands. The designs are retro biased with modern touches, attention to detail and up to date specs.

All AEVIG watches come with 2 years guarantee.

Some additional info about the brand and founder can be read here in a preview done by

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