Zoos sometimes use them as rope for gorillas as ordinary rope isn’t strong enough.
After a lifetime of service, they are cleaned up but still contain a lot of character.

This hero-material is put back into action as rugged watchstraps.

Want a sturdy strap? Look no further, this material has been to hell and back and is still begging for more.
The red straps are cut and sewn in a way that still show the scuffs, scars and tarring of intense use. Each pair of straps will be different to the next set however are as closely matched in pair as possible. Shown in the pics are the extremes in colour variation. A pair will be randomly picked when you order.
The blue hoses were used for potable water and therefore have seen less hazardous action.

These fire hose straps are made from decommissioned fire hose. The fire hoses get decommissioned when they spring too many holes or are cut shorter than minimal length for use in the line of fire. 

Genuine leather. 
Water and sweat resistant.
Extremely hard wearing.
Hypo-allergenic leather lining.
Buckles conform to EEC nickel release regulations.
Modern Rembordé Edge finish for extra strength and style.
Full quality control testing during the manufacturing process.

We guarantee that leather straps we carry, are manufactured from genuine leather and this applies to both the top and lining leather.
Top leathers are lined with waterproof leather to protect from water and perspiration.
Superior stainless steel buckles are PVD plated which is guaranteed to last longer than most other forms of plating and also helps to protect sensitive skin.

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Velcro Straps

The link between HIRSCH and leather goes back to the 18th century: Johannes Franz Hirsch, born in 1765, was a master leather craftsman in Neunkirchen in Lower Austria. Since that time the Hirsch family has been involved in the processing of leather. The history of HIRSCH is characterised by numerous important innovations, from the invention of the Rembordé technology of seamlessly joining the upper material and the lining, to the development of a method for making leather water resistant, to the only clinically tested system for the prevention of leather allergies in the world. The purpose of all our innovations is to ensure the long life, comfort in wear and aesthetic appearance of the bracelets in all the different situations in which they are worn. HIRSCH`s knowledge of and feel for bracelets for watches enables the company to provide full support, as a technical partner, to the development work of the watch making industry and to the specialised watch retail trade. HIRSCH embodies bracelet culture which has been nurtured over the generations and will be carefully passed on to the future.  

Watch & Jewellery repairs

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